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Right now wildy slayer is the fastest training

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A lot can be done to earn intriguing, and PvP in EoC dynamic. There's 18 decades of content in runescape 3 gold that EoC can pull from to make PvP popular and enjoyable (for those who wish to partake, naturally ).

Your title is a matter. Anything else and I would've swiped directly past it. I hate PKing and also the wildy, glad BH is nerfed, but this is attractive even to Skillers enjoy myself:think of that G.D. XP! Your thought clears the way for Skillers to get murdered, and make XP, to make my point clearer. Why try, that is why nobody skills in the wildly: if you can't actually make xp? Currently that affordable BH kills are gone, or bloodweed is the only big draw, are there any others? Take all exceptionally skilling, and run the XP amounts: is it worth doing compared to safer means?

We agree on much. Right now wildy slayer is the fastest training, there is a excellent banite place for people withour RotM done, wildy agility course+demonic skull is the ideal xp, moths are excellent agil+hunter xp and also the bloodwoodtrees are great. I think that is about it in the present time. The proposal however is largely about greating an environment in which content can be added. Put in some things that really requires you to bring things, give pkers something to struggle for, but don't punish the losing runescape player by setting them back 100's of millions.

There's still the problem of making a diverse population of skiller, a functional ecology to killer spectrum. The runescape player with the weaker gear is unlikely to draw even, much less win, so there is only 2 choices, skilling equipment, or scythe of instadeath. There is not a scarcity of Skillers, there is also a lack of Killers. You would need a really huge inhabitants of Skillers, becoming outrageous xp to make that happen, and today xp equilibrium is the new issue. The other choice is to balance combat so that to buy old school runescape gold you can not buy combat, you have to make it as a runescape participant. To put it differently, my battle levels alone ought to be the largest factor in winning, or even being enough of a veteran to trip my competitor with tile and tick manipulation.



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