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I could have only emailed support directly

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Cool. Id play with if my account wasn't caught up at the permaban sweep years back when they automatic that shit and it went horribly wrong. No appeal process or anything, just bloop, years of RuneScape gold work and hundreds of dollars down the drain.I was able to get my account back from this. It took a few attempts, but I think about 2 years back I made it back.How? I've sent SO many messages through recent years. The issue is that the claim is botting, which immediately causes it to have a zero appeals procedure.

It's a recent thing as well. A good deal of individuals that were permabanned from years past have been unbanned due to allure. I don't know how they do this, but if you have not attempted an appeal in recent years, it is worth trying again in the event that you would like to play your old account. And yeah, this comprises individuals banned for botting. Yea I had the exact same claim against my accounts. I want to say that there was an appeal buttonbut I could have only emailed support directly. Either way that was their response. "Following a comprehensive review of the account, we identified a period of unusual activity around the time of this offence. Consequently, we've eliminated any offences which happened during this period as we believe they weren't committed by the creator of this account."

The identical thing happened to me, but I'm not super upset since at some point I got an email about suspicious account activity and that I dismissed it, so as far as I know my account might have been utilized for botting by someone. I recently started a new account for OSRS and it has been alright, but besides nostalgia, honestly RuneScape just isn't that fun for me. I wish it had more to do with friends, instead of being one participant grind simulator.

They've been around a series of unbanning accounts for individuals that to buy OSRS gold have been banned years ago. Been seeing many posts about individuals and receiving their accounts. Since that time I've only played occasionally, maybe a month every couple of years just to test out RuneScape game. My account got banned for botting once I was subscribed to RuneScape match. Idk if it was a false ban or a super late prohibit but I did not bother making another account then.



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